Designer. Skater. Traveler. Lover. Fighter. Dreamer. Truly Believer. My personal history of involvement with rollerblading is lengthy. It”s really hard to put into words  what skating means to me. I would not dedicate myself so strongly to something that didn`t have such a powerful impact on my life. Solo so High self initiated project  is my way of giving back to the sport.

The travel bug has been eating me alive. I`m after dozens of trips by myself, ziggzagging my way through Europe. I`m a traveller, whose choice usually is to control nothing at all, to simply let the direction and events of a day dictate where I go and what happens as a result. Its a wonderful kind of freedom, putting on my headphones, and I`m in my own little world with nothing to do but enjoy, waking up and thinking:

-Where do I want to go today? and then holding up a hitchhiking sign saying ´Anywhere´.


The ups and downs of life build character, making you a much stronger person.


I`m a Solo roller. In every sense. I surely know, The highs are really  High, The lows are really Low when you have no one to buffer you! Life is a journey, full of Ups and Downs. It is about births and death, healthiness and illnesses, promotions or dismissals… We only have one shot at our lives, don’t let the sadness overtake the happiness! They are there to learn from, to force you to find ways to challenge urself to try harder. Turn ur negative energies into positive actions hoping the actions will help someone. The bad can be good later, and the good can be even more wonderful! And dealing with the Ups? Just share ur love, opportunities, joy, forgiveness, health, money, strength and hope! Life is not that bad, you have to have those downs to appreciate the ups!



Skating for a cause. Me & my red suitcase are spreading the idea of inline skating, travelling for charities. We are always on the road, having crazy adventures.