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Those who knew Jacky Franks describe her courage, sense of humour, and determination as an inspiration. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2008, but put up a brave fight against the killer disease and still managed to raise funds for research. Cancer did many things to her, but could never take away her hope. She was truly inspirational – taking on chemo after chemo to enable her to live longer with her family. She fought the fight, not just for herself, but for every single woman who is battling cancer. It was a battle Jacky finally lost when she died aged 44. She may have lost her fight against cancer but lots of women now, and in the future, will be motivated because of her bravery. She showed courage and determination at what must have been a very difficult time. Wouldn`t it be nice if a few more ladies could have the guts she had? I just wish I could give some hope to help others in this journey.. .I want to keep her memory alive by doing what she was famous for. A former cabaret dancer who travelled the world, who was always positive, even if she felt down. She would say,

Mel whatever it is go for it, we only live once..


May she rest in peace now, knowing that she helped a lot of people. I always keep a picture   of her with me to remember life can be cut off anytime. May we use her as an inspiration tolive our lives fully and with purpose.


 God Bless xxx

Skating for a cause. Me & my red suitcase are spreading the idea of inline skating, travelling for charities. We are always on the road, having crazy adventures.