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Dancing with Death

I had surgery and was mistakenly overdosed with morphine, the careless use of drugs nearly led to my death. Breathing stopped all together, I was clinically DEAD for 3 minutes. I froze to the bone, only my brain & hearing functioned, I could not see nor did I respond or move, when finally came back to life, they put me into deep sleep.

Balkans, Hungary, Serbia,

Have u ever?

Have u ever delayed a flight by 10 minutes & been allowed to take ur unchecked luggage on board with u?Have u ever travelled somewhere without a visa where its a must? Have u ever gotten the security guards drunk n then skated a swimmingpool?

Holland, Hungary, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland,

Next level

Feel like living in a video game lately. Had to pass through many barriers on each level. Went through many things in the last couple of months, it’s been a hell of a ride! And Im still in game. Expect loads of characters, enemies, foregrounds, multiple levels. Environments are large and encourage exploration.

France, Hungary, United Kingdom,

Around Europe

Can’t believe that managed to loose my suitcase on the very first day!!So back in England hitchhiking didn’t go that well. Not in Rainchester anyway. Cought a coach 2 LDN. Fell asleep straight away.By the time I woke up every1 has gone, it was dark, locked up in a coach somewhere in a garage.


North Hungary

On the way to Nyiregyhaza I was caught in rain again. It ruined the competition I supposed to attend plus made me sick. I feel poorly, having a very bad cold. Flue sucks! I’m in Jászberény at my mum’s.


Skating for a cause. Me & my red suitcase are spreading the idea of inline skating, travelling for charities. We are always on the road, having crazy adventures.