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Dancing with Death

I had surgery and was mistakenly overdosed with morphine, the careless use of drugs nearly led to my death. Breathing stopped all together, I was clinically DEAD for 3 minutes. I froze to the bone, only my brain & hearing functioned, I could not see nor did I respond or move, when finally came back to life, they put me into deep sleep.

End Of The World, Portugal,

At the End of the World and further

Still living out of my suitcase, and…still haven`t become an expert at packing. Even if my heart  got broken, I gotta leave my old skates behind.. couldn`t fit two in. I believe the reason I bought a new pair was worth my heart getting broke. But all in good time,  let it be secret for now.  At least it`s not my foot I shattered..

Morocco, Spotlight,

Zohair El Hadad – Interview  

We all know about the growing blading scene in the Arab World and that it started gaining acceptance. I had come across a photo on the One Mag website while doing my research on Morocco before my visit. It was a chap doing a crazy jump off a wall. Back then I wished to meet and join him for a skate. I pictured us blading on the streets of ancient medina.  Now I`m back with loads of memories, made tons of new friends among them a guy who I found very special.

Africa, Morocco,


Hey all, thanx for your kindness and wishes. They gave all my spirits a lift. I`m keeping well, I feel pretty good, in fact never been better! I still have itchy feet and an eager heart, and so this summer I hit up Africa. That’s where my mind went when I wandered lately so my heart followed too.

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Kunming, Jinghong, kidnapped to Laos

The more I travel south the hotter and cheaper it gets which I like. I hv seen flying/climbing chicken, ppl riding motorbike in the river, hv travelled 40 hours on a train and ate chicken feet, tried the most bizarre foods u will find at a farmer`s market, had fruits you never ever heard of..


Shanghai- The city where everything is BIG

Train rides in China are hilarious. A genuine experience! Thousands of passengers are packed aboard the train, all Carriages are crowded with Chinese peasants with large bags and bundles, buckets that they balance on a pole. Why bring a luggage when u can carry larger items like a washing mashine? Bloody hell.


Beijing, China

It’s really a dream come true, it’s all I ever wanted to do. Skate Woodward. From Istanbul I flew to Beijing. I happened to go when there was an inline night, got in for free. Smashing. I secretly hoped they would lock me in for the night.

Germany, Turkey,

Germany, Istanbul

So my long awaited round the world trip has begun, even tho` theres no flyer. To B honest it didn`t end up the way I hv imagined, so skipped that part. Just too busy, travelling. The original concept was to skate an old bathtub in the woods, but was nowhere to be found. So if u know one tell me where the heck it is.

Balkans, Hungary, Serbia,

Have u ever?

Have u ever delayed a flight by 10 minutes & been allowed to take ur unchecked luggage on board with u?Have u ever travelled somewhere without a visa where its a must? Have u ever gotten the security guards drunk n then skated a swimmingpool?

Manchester, United Kingdom,

Solo(w)-sohigh moments

It might sounds odd but lately I wanted to want something so badly, without knowing what that is. I always want what I can`t have,  but I hv `everything` , so I don`t know what else I want. I felt a little bit less motivated and needed an extra boost. I needed a different approach to motivation

United Kingdom,


I hv enjoyed a few peaceful weeks in Spain, I hv become a sand castle expert. Never quite spent time in Sheffo so moved here for now. The one thing I hv to mention, the bus drivers. Can`t get along with `em. They either stoned or insane.

Manchester, United Kingdom,

Fun Never Ends

Too much travelling lately, my suitcase wheel is proper broken. I hv been spending the last couple of month skating in London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, Mcr.. Everyone went to France so I decided not to. I hv a tent with me that can B placed high up on a tree.

Holland, Hungary, Liverpool, Manchester, Scotland,

Next level

Feel like living in a video game lately. Had to pass through many barriers on each level. Went through many things in the last couple of months, it’s been a hell of a ride! And Im still in game. Expect loads of characters, enemies, foregrounds, multiple levels. Environments are large and encourage exploration.


Skating for a cause. Me & my red suitcase are spreading the idea of inline skating, travelling for charities. We are always on the road, having crazy adventures.