Dancing with Death

I had surgery and was mistakenly overdosed with morphine, the careless use of drugs nearly led to my death. Breathing stopped all together, I was clinically DEAD for 3 minutes. I froze to the bone, only my brain & hearing functioned, I could not see nor did I respond or move, when finally came back to life, they put me into deep sleep.

Balkans, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey,

Balkan Tour

I remember arriving in Thessaloniki minutes before a big storm hit the region. Was kinda fun actually, playing around in the rain did sober me up. I found a cosy little hostel but I gotta share my dorm room -which I happened to flood in the first 5 min- with the craziest badass guy ever.


Skating for a cause. Me & my red suitcase are spreading the idea of inline skating, travelling for charities. We are always on the road, having crazy adventures.